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For accommodation over 14 nights, a discount of 20% per person for rafting on the river Cetina. Feel the unique experience of rafting in the beautiful surroundings of Cetina canyon. 

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Welcome to the website of Omis Apartments Vanja.
The best accommodation in Omis, fully equipped air-conditioned apartments with affordable prices. Find out why Omis is a perfect place for your vacation. We will try to present all the tourist attractions of this picturesque town, and convince you to spend your holidays in Omis. Why choose Omis? There are thousands of reasons for that, pirate history has left a deep mark in presentation of Omis as the City of pirates.
Active holidays in Omis, rafting on the Cetina River, free climbing on the high cliffs of Omis, hiking up the mountain peaks above the city, and many more interesting and attractive contents, give the impression that city of Omis is an ideal tourist destination.
Discover all the charms of this mysterious town, ancient legends from the era of the Greeks, the Romans and the famous Omis pirates.
Turquoise blue sea, beautiful sandy beaches, nature that enchants. Without any doubt, the pearl of the Adriatic. Come, God descended heaven down to earth and gave him the name Omis.

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Welcome to apartments Vanja! In the city center, 100 meters from beautiful sandy beach, we offer you a pleasant and memorable holiday with affordable price.

Glorious and turbulent history of the town of Omis and Omis pirates dating back to Greek and Roman times. Omis in history known as Oneum, Nestos, Alimissa, hides many memories and evidence of strength and power of Omis Pirates. In the Middle Ages, Omis became notorious because of Omis pirates, and their specially built boats called Omis arrows (Sagittae).
Omis arrows were small and narrow boats with oars, with excellent characteristics. The most important characteristics of these vessels was quick maneuverability and shallow draft, which provided a quick and safe retreat to the safety of the Cetina river canyon. Omis pirates have built strategically very important hidden underwater wall at the entrance to the canyon of the river Cetina. The underwater wall called Mostina, was hidden under the water, with tight passage customized only for pirate ships, which in the case that they had been followed by their enemy was able to close with chains. Throughout history many enemy ships there were trapped in a destroyed, when they set off in pursuit of the Omis pirates.
In that glorious medieval times, in the XII. and XIII. century, the city was ruled by dukes Kacic with Nikola Kacic and his son Malduh Kacic as the most prominent persons from Omis pirates.
Omis pirates have successfully ruled the Adriatic Sea for more than three hundreds years, destroying and raiding Vatican galleys and merchant ships in that time of powerful Venice and Dubrovnik. For many years
Venice and the Vatican were paying tribute to Omis pirates so they can peacefully and safely passed the Adriatic Sea. against Omis Pirates Vatican Pope and Venice took two crusader wars.

The first war, led by Pope Honorius III. was in year 1221. The cause of the war was Omis pirates attack on the crusaders who sailed to Palestine. First war won Omis Pirates. Shortly after starts another crusade, this time under the leadership of the Venetians in year 1286. and 1287. year. Then the pirates experienced a final fall, which was also the end of rule and power of dukes Kacic.

Today, as a reminder of the glorious times there are living monuments fortress Mirabella (Peovica) and Starigrad (Fortica). From Mirabella, located lower than Fortica, which is situated on a mountain top Pirates overlooked the entire Omis. From the fortification Fortica Omis pirates were overlooking the islands of Brac, Hvar and Solta, which was of great importance for the pirates, because they were able to monitor a large area at sea and on land.
In the year 1444 Venice finally manages to end the dominance of Omis pirates on the Adriatic coast,  due to the growing and pervasive threat of Ottoman Empire. Turkish Empire has never conquered the city of Omis because of these two fortifications and high walls that the city was surrounded.

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If requested apartment is not available in the required time, for you we can search for accommodation in the neighborhood for the same price.

The medieval fort of Starigrad (Fortica) developed on the site of a prehistoric and Roman fort, during the XIVth or at the beginning of the XVth century, during the time of the duke Ivanis Nelipic.. At that time a large bailey was built, with houses for the garrison, and a water tank. Acess to the main square tower was via long corridor. Both the tower and the ramparts were topped with characteristic battlements. During the Turkish wars in the XVIth century two triangular bastions were built in the eastern and north-eastern parts. The fort has been undergoing conservation and restoration treatment since the 1990s. Starigrad was an important fort defending the land around Omis, as well as a much larger area between Split and Makarska from the XVth to the end of the XVIIth century.

Now it's open for tourists, and you can reach the fortress from the Omis city on foot, using well aranged paths with signposts, over the settlement Baucici and climb the fortress in about 20 minutes, and enjoy the spectacular view at Omis Riviera and Dalmatian islands.
 Ticket price is 15 HRK (kunas) per person.

Fortress Mirabella (Peovica) is a Romanesque fort, difficult to conquer, built in XIIIth century above the city of Omis on the foundation dating for back to the time of the Byzantine emperor Basilius (887. - 886.) ,but it has undergone numerous changes in the years to come. Fortress Mirabella was a reliable hideout for the Omis pirates, who used to retreat into the safety of the Cetina gorge. Old legend says that in 1537., during an attack by the Turks, the defenders of Omis confused the attackers with their shouting and shots so much that the Turks overestimated the number of defenders and fled.Fortress Mirabella has four floors and exit at the top that offers an unforgettable sight.
You can reach the Fortress Mirabella from Omis main square in 5 minutes walk.
Ticket price is 15 HRK (kunas) per person.

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